This is my blog.

This will probably be a very boring, sparsely updated blog, because frankly, I’m not very good at keeping up with this kind of thing. And also a friend bullied me into it. And by bullied I mean pleaded and generally gave me a tiny, tiny shove, and I was the one that actually took the leap. Thus, technically, it’s mostly my fault with a little bit of her fault.

A bit about me: I’m twenty-one. I go to Emerson college, which is in Boston, but my homeland is New Jersey. I travel very frequently, mostly around the US and Europe. I love to eat, and could talk about food forever and ever and ever. I love food and trying new things, even things that don’t necessarily seem like they’d taste good. I’m a huge music fan, and I love all different kinds of varieties of music, though I mostly enjoy various genres of rock. I read a lot of different genres. I write. I am in the midst of a novel. I also write stories fairly frequently, and I major in fiction writing. So that is about me, mostly.

This blog will mostly be about my failure at writing my thesis-novel, which I am currently ignoring in favour of writing this post. It will also be about my travels, food, school, drama, romance (what little of it exists in my life), and thoughts about my future Life Plan, of which I currently have very few.

So. Yeah. I’ll end this fairly uneloquently, but basically: this blog may be boring. Follow at your own risk.


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