004. Christmas Time!

Christmas post!

So Kerry did end up coming for a few hours; we opened presents with her and played games. It was almost like normal again. Odd.

My gift list went like so:
– Calvin Klein Secret Obsession perfume
– a tumbler.
– a little box.
– hair gel/thing … for my tufties. 😦
– makeup remover.
– chocolate/candy.
– stress relief pastilles.
– hand sanitizer.
– gum.
– socks.
– gloves.
– a really nice beanpod candle (cinnamon scented).
– $250 towards a roundtrip airline ticket to any location of my choice!
– $50 from my grandma.
– Heat Wave by Richard Castle from my uncle.
– Rogue Angel: The Dragon’s Mark by Alex Archer from my uncle.
– a really nice notebook.
– chapstick.
– an egg beater.
– two more books from my uncle (ebooks)
– $200 from my uncle.
– MANY CANDIES from tater bioper and her mommy ❤
– a shotglass & dragon from Wales (from Kate)
– a LOTR board game (YEAAAH BOARD GAMES)
– shamrock seeds from Kate
– and two tickets to see Trent Reznor be interviewed by the Times!

aka, awesome christmas haul. I am pleased.


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