006. Resolutions.

First of all, it’s amazing that it’s 2011. Not just in the pedestrian way of it’s another year, but more in the way of I graduate this year and am flailing like a drowning fool.

A lot is going to be done this year. I’m going to write a novel. I’m going to leave school, possibly forever. I’m going to have an internship for the first time and get my first taste of the publishing industry. And, of course, I’m going to go out into the real world. I’m going to need to get a job, or figure out some kind of plan, and find some place to live.

My New Years resolutions:
– To write as much as I possibly can. I know it’s unrealistic to say I’ll do it every day, so I won’t promise that. But I will resolve to write at least a few times a week.
– To be less critical and high-strung.
– To read more, starting with Midnight’s Children, Heat Wave, Darkly Dreaming Dexter, and Lanark.
– To be less frivolous with my money.
– To gain more self-confidence in certain areas, and not chicken out of things.


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