007. Point of View Dilemmas.

I finished rewriting chapters one and two from Lilly’s first person POV. I’ve sent it off to Ali, Jen, and Kate for feedback. But my personal, gut feeling is that it’s working out better this way. I feel like the chronology, the dialogue, the personalities of the characters are less … forced, somehow. I feel like they’re naturally falling into place instead of my hand pushing all these elements into place. Of course, granted, that feeling could just be attributed to the fact that I’ve been rewriting instead of writing new chapters, and so I already have a base. But I’ll see what they think.

In other news, I have some decisions to make. One important decision is about the Catharsis. I applied for assistant editor and didn’t get it. Which is fine, because they probably wanted someone who would graduate after Jess, so she could therefore take over the permanent position, whereas I’m leaving in August. But … man. Their prompts are awful, the website is awful and they refuse to ask for help (even though they self-admittedly have no idea what they’re doing), and their way of structuring editing is terrible. I mean … I like Jess a lot. I respect her, I think she’s sweet, and she’s a good writer. But she isn’t better than me, she’s got no real authority, and she wasn’t voted into her position. So what makes her feedback better than anyone else’s? And the fact that only one person edits all the pieces in one genre … that’s ridiculous. That’s what workshops are for. And I’m not a fan of the fact that they clearly don’t know how to run anything. On the other hand, I do like Jess, Kimya, and Christine, and of course some of the other people in the club. But do I really want to go to campus for something I don’t care much about? Am I really proud of anything I send to them? I don’t know. It’s a bit of a dilemma, and the draft for January is due in twelve days. And the application.

We’ll see what happens with that.


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