008. Decisions, Decisions.

Writing-wise, things are looking up.

Novel is moving along smoothly, for now. Kate read the reworked first two chapters, and she agreed that first person is working out better. That’s one third of the opinions I want/need, but I’m not going to wait forever. If I don’t hear back definitively by Sunday, I’m moving forward and trusting my gut, which does officially say “LILLY FIRST PERSON POV” in large capital letters and a very loud, grumbly voice. Or maybe I’m just hungry.

I’m coming closer to a decision on The Catharsis; I’m 70% leaning towards not reapplying. Why? The following reasons:
1. I’m not happy with the prompts. At all. They’re uninspiring.
2. I don’t like various things about the structure of the magazine, and there’s no real way to change that.
3. I’m going to be working a LOT on my novel, and I don’t need the added distraction.
4. I’d rather keep writing for the weekly/monthly contests at Brigits Flame, which is a livejournal community that Jen and I participate in. I like competitions, the prompts are usually quite good, and I’ve gotten a relatively large fanbase there. I get feedback from multiple people (Jen included) and I write a lot more, and can also use this as an unofficial sounding board for my novel and other novel-length ideas.

Also, (un)fortunately — it really depends on how you look at this — the prompt for this week at the Flame in the regular contest (not the all-stars, which I’m also in) ended up inspiring a possible sequel for my first novel. I have the profile of the killer already. And a possible love interest for Marshall. I’m going to try and do something with it for this month’s contest, and then put it away and deal with it after the first novel’s been written.

In non-writing news: I hung out with Mirela today. Went to Smyrna. Hung out with Kate at Borders. Played Setback FOREVER. Watched Top Chef All-Stars. Tomorrow, I go shopping for internship clothings with Jen and Kate, and then see Black Swan with them! Yay! So excited. I’ll talk about how it is tomorrow. Which … actually is today. Fancy that.


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