010. Trent Reznor Speaks, I Swoon.

So today I went into the city with Jen. I met her boyfriend, who is really quite sweet. He has the Best Friend Stamp of Approval. We went to an Irish pub, where we ate delicious foods, drank Duvel (!!!) and then afterwards, went to the main event: Trent Reznor speaking at Arts & Leisure Weekend.

Originally, I had no clue what the venue was going to be like, or what the event would be structured like. But it was brilliant. The “interviewer” was a wonderful music writer from the NY Times, and Trent talked about everything from scoring The Social Network to How to Destroy Angels to Nine Inch Nails to his creative process to his future plans. He was extraordinary. Not only is he incredibly intelligent, he’s well-spoken, he’s genuine, very self-deprecating, and surprisingly witty and funny. And damn, he looked good, too. The talk should be online now, and I highly recommend it, even if you don’t care much for Trent or his music. He really has some great insight and he’s inspiring, too. Jen isn’t all too familiar with NIN, but she found the talk just as fascinating (if not quite as groundbreaking) as I did. And wow … hearing him discuss how he writes music and how he thinks about music was just … phenomenal. Not to mention that he has such a great respect for other artists. Basically, Trent Reznor is my perfect man. Find him for me about twenty years younger, and not quite as married, and I will be the happiest girl on earth.


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