012. The Breakfast Club Cures Everything.

So yesterday was my first full day back in boston, and also my first day at my internship. It was pretty cool, even though I had Transportation Panic in the morning. Emily taught me how to do shit, and it was kind of fun even though I apparently kept getting the weird assignments: an Italian publisher who had changed the name of the book without saying it, and thus the contract was impossible to find; a mis-delivered package; a Dutch book whose title bore no resemblance to the original, and had no mention of what it was to begin with; two books in Japanese with identical covers (minus the colours), titles, and text (we assumed), but two separate ISBN numbers; and three unfindable files that I eventually found after being very, very, VERY creative.

It was awesome because … we have a cappucino maker in the office. For real. And a super cute mug collection. And a toaster. And a microwave. oh man. I’m so beyond excited. And work itself went quite fast, though I can’t wait for tater to get back so we can intern together!

In other news, it’s snowing. A lot. Like. A hell of a lot. But Sara and Sean and I are going to the Breakfast Club anyway and it’s going to be beyond awesome.


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