014. Things That Don’t Actually Matter.

I’m supposed to be doing homework, but I haven’t updated this blog for a while, so here we go:

Last night I went to a party. It was fun. I liked it. I met someone new and we bonded over our hatred for a particular person who Shall Not Be Named. I saw Seamus again. I missed him a lot. Also Ryan. It felt like a hundred or so years since that Zombie movie way back when, and I wish I saw them more.

In other news, my sister apparently got two kittens. That’s great and all, but I feel a little … oddly betrayed. Which may sound stupid, but it’s like she’s forsaken our two cats at home, along with everything else. She texted me about it today, and gave them literary names: Raoul Duke and Mersault. I didn’t even know she liked l’√Čtranger very much but hey, whatever.

I’m a little worried about the fact that she adopted these kittens because I don’t know how on earth she thinks she’s going to be able to support two kittens. Vet bills? Eep. We’ll see what happens.


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