015. Writing Things That No One Cares About.

So today I did something crazy: I started a crossover between my Black Angels series and What the Dark Looks Like. I feel odd about it, but simultaneously somewhat good about it. I think good things could come of it. Why? Several reasons.

ONE: Black Angels needs some serious revamping. It’s my oldest series. It’s got most of my oldest characters, including Sullivan. He’s changed as I have over the years, and has followed me through my most self-indulgent plot years. But now I’m a writer. Not just some kid trying to be one. Regardless of how people feel about my work, or how sometimes I feel really down on myself and don’t think I can make it in the Real World, I am an artist, a writer. And I can see things more objectively now. That means that Sullivan and co are becoming more fleshed out, more like real people and less like impossible personalities. It also means that I now recognise that my plot is no longer working. My characters have evolved and my plot has gone nowhere. And that's why I've been unable to write more than tiny character studies. I need to cut characters, add new ones, maybe change settings. I need to do research. I need to change up backstories. And honestly, uprooting Sullivan from his usual universe and combining it with WTDLL might give me some fresh ideas and a new perspective.

TWO: Marshall's got a backstory. But between his time at the academy and his move to New York is fuzzy. And I need more. I also just want to have some time to work with Marshall without Lilly; he never really gets to shine on his own now that I have the book in Lilly's first person POV.

And who knows? Maybe it'll work out in the long run.


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