016. Too Many Things.

God, my life.

This weekend was so insane. But I mean, everyone’s heard of it pretty much, so let’s just get down to business:

I went to two parties. I spent a lot of money. I acquired a semi-stalker, who hopefully is not adept enough to actually stalk me. But what’s really been bugging me is this week.

I’ve been tired. I’ve been more depressed than is perhaps warranted. The weather’s beautiful today and I’m stuck inside doing nothing. On Monday, our Latin American lit & cinema class had to watch this movie, The Green Wall. It was not a fun movie. Our teacher decided to up and leave us, so we stayed for a while but … I mean. Come on. We’re college kids. We did, eventually, end up leaving early. And somehow, by some terrible fucking twist of fate, we got caught.

Now Flora’s given us an assignment that is worth TEN PERCENT of our grade. That’s a fucking lot of a grade. And there’s legitimately one copy of this movie in all of Boston. No torrents. No Netflix. Nothing at even the public library. So Mike, Mike, Ross, Cami, Alex, and I are all going to go to the library on our day off and get this shit out of the way. So that makes me feel better about it.

But I’m still unhappy because of Saturday’s hookup. Because it was fuckin’ great while it was happening but now I’m not sure if it (or anything further than that) will ever happen again. And like some kind of idiot, I got attached.

Whatever, I don’t know. I’m too emotionally exhausted to care. I’m just excited for Katie’s party next week and to see Keri, Sara, and Sarah tomorrow and Tater tonight. Because honestly, I’ve realised that if there’s one thing that makes me feel better about everything, it’s hanging out with these people. It makes me not have to overanalyze everything. Which is, of course, what I’m doing now, because there’s nothing else to do.


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