023. A To Do List, In Paragraph Form.

The end of the semester is fast approaching. Typically, for me, this would mean that in a week in a half, I’d get to go home, relax, watch re-runs of Criminal Minds and CSI, devour many gyros from my favourite local restaurant, and spend time with all my New Jersey friends who, throughout the year, I’ve barely seen. But this is not a typical summer.

Technically, I believe my last real day of finals is May 3rd (give or take). And then four days later, I’m heading on vacation to the North Shore of Massachusetts for a week with some friends and my parents; then I walk in a commencement ceremony on the 16th. And on the 17th, for six days, I go home. Just for six days. And then it’s back to classes and an internship.

It’s a new internship: with a literary agent (Ann Collette of the Helen Rees Literary Agency), and I’ll be reading query letters and manuscripts, mostly of commercial fiction. It sounds like fun, and I’m quite excited about it. My classes are likewise going to be interesting. But this is it: at the end of this summer, I will no longer be a college student. I will be what I’ve deemed a Real Person, which means I need a Real Job and a Real Life Plan. All of these things are, unsurprisingly, terrifying.

Before then, though, I need to finish my thesis. “Finish” is not really the proper term, because when I turn it in it will hardly be complete; I won’t have written the whole thing (only approximately 50-60 double spaced pages of it), nor will it be ready for publication. But it will have a title page, a table of contents, an epigraph, the first three (or four) chapters, and a prospective outline of the rest of the book.

Right now, I have several things to do before I can turn it in: I need to come up with a proper dedication, and think hard about it. I need to fix any glaring errors in the text. I need to finish writing chapter three and perhaps chapter four. And even though I don’t need to, I’d like to have some preliminary cover art. I am, unfortunately, not particularly artistic and I don’t have any photoshop-esque programs.

Any suggestions on where to find some? Or ideas of what it should be? Or how to make some?


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