027. A Semi-Graduation.

I am now in limbo.

I “graduated” from Emerson on Monday. I woke up at seven, left the apartment at eight, stood around and waited forever after only having a small coffee, and then finally, finally, at around 10:50, we entered the Wang Theater. The ceremony was just a little longer than my wait time, but at least it was quick, simple, and our commencement speaker — Richard LaGravenese, a screenwriter who actually wrote the screenplay for Water for Elephants among other things — was really wonderful, and new exactly what new Emerson grads wanted to hear. I went to the reception, got to meet Ali’s dad, saw a lot of friends — and then I was rushed back to the apartment to pack to go home after not eating or getting a real cup of coffee.

But the moral of the story is that I am a graduate without a diploma. It’s not because I’m stupid; it’s because I have one semester of summer classes left to take. And those start on Monday. I’ve been getting emails both as an undergraduate student and as an alumnus. It’s odd. I don’t care for it.

I am not ready for classes to begin. My vacation in the North Shore was lovely and restful, but the past few days have not been. Perhaps it’s the weather that’s making me anxious. But it’s also the fact that I’m only in New Jersey, at home, until Sunday. And then I have to go back to school, to a new internship, and all I want to do is sleep and see my friends because let’s face it: I haven’t been here since spring and didn’t see some of them then, mostly due to different break times, and after Sunday, I will be gone for at least another three months. Don’t get me wrong — I’m extremely excited to go back and hang out with my Boston friends, but … to not get to see some of my best friends here for more than a couple of hours in a grand total of six months is rather disheartening.

Being home does allow me to get some things done, though. For instance, a pair of boots needs mending, and my iPod and laptop are more or less hating their lives. So today, my mom and I are heading to the Apple store — I can’t drive her car at the moment because it is also hating its life and may or may not be pondering suicide (hopefully not) — to find out what’s up with my iPod, and to (hopefully) fix my computer. Crossing my fingers that I won’t have to pay for either of these things. Or, god forbid, get new ones. So I shall be computerless for at least a couple of hours, which kind of sucks, but I do have the new China Miéville book to start on; it came out yesterday, but my dad’s friend who works at Random House apparently had an extra from the publisher and he sent it to me. Free hardcover book? I call that a win.

Sorry for the disorganized post — it’s been a longish time since I wrote anything and much has happened since then. And there are things that I can’t write about here, either. Ah, to be politic.


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