029. Four(ish) Things of Varying Degrees of Importance.

I suppose it’s important to note that in the time I have not written, classes have begun, and so has my internship. Because I want to spare the internet my whining, I will put things as succinctly as possible, as objectively as possible:

1. My license. It is missing. I wish to discover it. Because it is missing I cannot buy beer. This is a problem because I just finished my last one. I plan to search for it more this weekend; if not, I shall get another.

2. Classes. This deserves subheads.
Class A: Class A is Magazine Writing. Sitting in the classroom is actually quite fun. We talk and I like my teacher and, for the most part, the people in my class, although some of them are rather dull. I think she’s very good at teaching this class. We do writing exercises, and we get extended breaks to walk around, which I enjoy since it is a four hour class, twice a week. The bad part is that she does not have any reasonable expectation about what a college student (all of us, it should be noted, have other obligations: for instance, I am taking another class and I have an internship) can do in a certain amount of time. To have us do five interviews for a 1,000 word service piece in a week and a half, over memorial day weekend, is, to put it kindly, absurd. She seems to be a difficult grader and a hard lady to please, but we shall see.

Class B: Class B is Novel into Film and it’s wonderful. My professor is a god among men and I should like to marry him. We are reading very interesting books and watching their corresponding films, and I even get to try my hand at writing a screenplay! Hurrah! As is to be expected, the workload for this isn’t tiny; there’s a lot of reading involved, and several papers. But I find them (and my professor) doable.

3. Internship. I just started and it’s brilliant. I just sit at a computer and read queries and first chapters. So far none have caught our interest. My boss — a literary agent — seems to trust my judgment already, so I see some manuscripts that need evaluating in my future. I find this way too thrilling for my own good. So far I will only work once a week, but it will be a glorious day to look forward to. Plus, she owns cats. One is very fat and enjoys me.

4. Writing. After quite the dry spell (by that, I mean “the two weeks I felt really burnt out and couldn’t write”) something broke into my consciousness. Not sure what — perhaps the fact that I now know what agents are looking for, perhaps the fact that I read China Miéville’s new book (which I reviewed very recently), perhaps because I’ve been reading some Kurt Vonnegut … I don’t know. But today, I rewrote the opening of my book. I’ve wanted to do this for a while because the first scene is so … blah. And I’m liking this a whole lot better. Mind you, I’ve only got a few paragraphs of it, but … it reads more like … well, me. We’ll see how much I get to play around with it in the coming weeks, and how much I am able to move forward. I also signed up for Brigit’s Flame — the livejournal writing community with weekly prompts and contests — and am hoping something will come of that; maybe it’ll get my gears in motion again. Who knows.

Otherwise, everything is going well. My social life’s suffering a tad, but to be fair, I’ve only been back in Boston since the evening of the 22nd, and I’ve already seen a bunch of people, if not for very long. I will try and remedy that ASAP. We’ll see if school kills me. Hopefully not. Probably not.

But we’ll see.


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