030. The Dubious Life Plans of Kendra S. Recht.

After a long conversation with my cousin, and an extremely long internal string of complaints about the weather this week (brightly sunny and far too hot for my liking) I’ve begun thinking about what I’m going to do after college.

After College is a very nebulous term; for me, it does not quite mean popping off somewhere new right after my diploma’s safely in my possession. I am definitely staying in Boston until August 2012, or thereabouts, and that year will be spent getting more money, more experience, and most of all, more time to write. Although I had hoped very much that I would be able to work a lot on my book this summer, that is clearly not going to happen. Between classes, homework, my internship, and my marginal but still worthwhile social life, the time and energy just won’t be there as much as I’d need it to be. So while I’ll be working on it sporadically, it won’t get anywhere substantial until classes, in particular, are over.

So that year will be mostly dedicated to finishing my book, polishing it, editing and rewriting and reworking and rethinking. But then, after that — what then?

While I won’t be terribly unhappy if, by chance, I get a lovely well-paying career-esque job in Boston, that’s not my goal. No; that’ll wait for a little while longer. But when I’m applying to jobs … perhaps I’ll branch out — outside of Boston and New York and New Jersey. Why?

The bloody weather.

The winter doesn’t bother me in Boston. Sure, it’s long and it’s blustery, but for the most part it’s bearable. What drives me crazy is the summer heat and humidity. And that’s more or less the same with any place along the east coast. So when I apply to jobs, I will also consider applying to, and living in, other places that I’m less familiar with. An adventure, so to speak.

Currently, I am making a list of places I’d consider living. Here are some, in no particular order.

1. New York City/Brooklyn, NY
2. Boston, MA
3. Seattle, WA
4. Vancouver, BC, Canada
5. Edinburgh, Scotland
6. Dublin, Ireland
7. San Francisco, CA
8. Portland, OR

London and Oxford in England would also be acceptable. I briefly considered Minneapolis, MN due to its wonderful summer weather but then I remembered that Minneapolis also has the worst weather in the winter ever. Not anything I could cope with.

This was a fairly pointless blog post, but I was thinking about these things and I didn’t want to do any real thing I needed to do, so voila; here we go.


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