033. Class, Class, and Internship.

Recently, many things have occurred. I’ve written a lot of stuff — including speedfics, other short stories for the competitive writing community I belong to, and many articles — and I’ve read at least three books (for school, mind you, although Ann gave me three books from authors she currently represents and I’m in the midst of one).

I’ve been remarkably stressed out lately, mostly because the last week of class is finally rushing towards me like a very unavoidable bullet train. Next week, I have the following things due on either Monday or Wednesday: my adapted screenplay of “The Hortlak” by Kelly Link; a paper on Horseman, Pass By and its film adaptation, Hud; the rough draft of my profile piece; the revision of my travel article; and the book Cold Comfort Farm. There are probably other things, due, too, that I’m blocking from my mind.

Magazine Writing has been incredibly difficult and exhausting. Our assignments could be fun if we actually had a decent amount of time to write them and research them, but as it is, I perpetually feel rushed and anxious about them. Luckily, for my profile piece, I have already done my interview. Which is actually a great thing that happened today: I met bellydancer Ela Rogers and her husband today, and interviewed her for my article, which will be workshopped in class, revised, and then posted here, as well as a few other places. She was adorable, enthusiastic, and so sweet; it was wonderful to meet and talk to her. She’s an inspiring and impressive person!

In other news, there are two job opportunities that I need to take a look at. One is a salaried position at Perseus, where I interned this spring. The actual job is an Editorial Assistant position, which is definitely in my interest — plus, I fit all the requirements and have worked there before, though admittedly in a different department. There is one major downside, though: I’m not terribly interested in the subjects the imprint works with — namely women’s health, pregnancy, parenting, self-help, etc. I don’t know how fun it would be in terms of subject matter. But can I afford to be picky? Here’s an entry level job in Cambridge where I can work and get experience and a salary, and … then you know, if I feel like picking up and moving to NYC, it’s not impossible. I’d just have to wait for another job to come around. But because entry level jobs in most of the publishing world require at least a year of experience, I’d have a leg up on all the competition elsewhere, if I’m young, out of college, and already have an assistant job. I will probably apply; what’s the worst that could happen?

The other job opportunity to pop up is a paid internship at  — guess what? The Helen Rees Literary Agency. Sound familiar? You bet. I work for Ann Collette, one of the three agents at the Agency. So even though I technically work just for her right now, this internship would be for the whole agency (and would start either August or September 1st). I want to talk to Ann about it, mostly because I want to see what her thoughts and advice are — if she thinks I should apply for this internship, I will. I love working with her, and it wouldn’t be the same thing, but I’m not sure how long she wants me to stay on as an intern anyway. So we’ll see.

Annnd that rambling post was a blog post. And even though it didn’t really go anywhere, I am tired and I want to go to bed. So the end!


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