034. Strugs, Or the Longest Day Ever.

These past few days have been very busy and exhausting. There was a July Fourth party, which was lovely. I met some interesting people, got to know other interesting people more, and honestly, I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. I now have tentative plans for drinking up a storm on Saturday night, which is also fun and doesn’t happen all that often.

But yesterday, I was home for a grand total of an hour and fifteen minutes until I crashed and went to sleep. I got back to my apartment around 2:30 or so, left for dinner and class at around 4, and then didn’t really come home until 11:45. Because as I was leaving Emerson, I got to the red line, went to Kendall/MIT, and then realised, with great panic, that my phone was nowhere to be found. I got off the train, searched frantically, and then headed back to campus. Thankfully, I found tinyphone, but when I did, there was a message from my roommate — aaaand she was at the hospital. Which was rather terrifying and I felt like crap because she wanted me to bring some things for her, but I was so, so far away. It took me almost an hour to get home, because not only did I have to wait for the train, but then the bus was taking forever, and then it got delayed. So I got off the 66, rushed home, changed out of my shoes, grabbed the things Zoë needed, and headed to the hospital.

Now, the only problem with this is that I had never been to this hospital before. So I looked it up, realised I could get there by 86 or 66 to 57, but even though I knew the latter route better, it would have taken much longer due to transfer time. At this point, it was already 10:30, about an hour and a quarter after I’d gotten her call. So I took the 86, but the bus wasn’t announcing stops and I’d no idea where I was or where my stop actually was. So I got off super early, called my mom, and she gave me directions as I walked and my phone was about to die. I walked for about twenty-five minutes, got to the emergency room, felt like I was about to fall over, but then it turned out Zoë was actually much better and was about to be discharged (yay).

So we left, taking the 57 to the 66, but then the 66 wasn’t coming forever, so we walked the rest of the way home. So now my feet hurt immensely, I am sore everywhere, and I’m very tired and am in dire need of more sleep but there is some dumb construction outside. So I remain awake, hold up in my air conditioning. The end.


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