042. NaNoWriMo, and Also My Friend Is Famous.

It’s day four of National Novel Writing Month, and although I’m a little bit behind, I’m sitting at 4,600 words. I’m halfway through the second chapter, and my characters are working out pretty well — some things are going a little differently than expected, but the language is working, the tone is working, and the point of view is working — at least for me, and for now.

My novel, which is titled (tentatively) Die Young & Sell Your Soul, is technically in the non-genre of Adult YA: it’s not quite in the same vein as, say, Twilight or Cassandra Clare’s books. My protagonists are a little bit older, between 18 and 25, and it’s a bit more mature — but not so in a way that it will alienate or be inappropriate for younger readers.

The synopsis, taken straight from my NaNo page is here:

Even vampires get stuck in mid-life crises, and Flynn’s is more destructive than most. When he spirals too far out of control, he’s removed from his high-ranking position at the vibrant epicenter of the vampire empire — Las Vegas — and is sent to build a satellite colony in Boston, MA, which is not quite the honor Flynn thought it was.


Boston’s a lot of things: young, fresh, small, and unfortunately for Flynn, very diurnal. But while he and his crew are sitting around grumbling about the vast differences between their old life and new, they run into a far more serious problem: slayers. And up until a few months ago, there had been no such thing.


C.C. Howlett is one of those soulless slayers, accidentally “recruited” when a demon asks her an innocuous, trick question. But during the process of extracting her soul — her conscience, her free will, her personality, her passions, her self — something goes wrong. She’s left clutching the remnants of her soul and her self.


When C.C. gets captured while raiding Flynn’s hideout, it becomes abundantly clear that neither of them are each other’s enemy. Flynn wants safety, security, and to destroy what could be threatening his entire empire; C.C. wants her soul back. And to get what they want, they have no choice but to collaborate.

I’m really pleased with the way it’s going so far; we shall see how it goes! My goal is to get to 11,666 words by Sunday evening.

In other news, my hugely talented friend Jen (some of you may know her as Jenna Shear, who posted my profile of dancer Ela Rogers on her blog) and her bellydance troupe was featured in an article on Hipmix, a very important bellydance site. Check it out here! She’s not totally famous yet, but hey, this is a good first step!.


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