043. In Which I Return to WordPress After Being Dormant for an Unthinkably Long Time.

I haven’t updated in a very, very long time. This is somewhat unacceptable, because unlike some of the other times I neglected my posting duties, things actually happened in my life.

There are many things I need to post about: my job, my social life, my early Christmas gifts, and, of course, my National Novel Writing Month experience and novel.

I think I’ll stagger posts about these topics, because I’m absolutely certain that if I tried to write a single post encompassing all these things, it would take thirty minutes to read, and nobody wants to spend that much time reading a blog post.

So let’s start with the most ultimately fun (and topical) item on the menu: Christmas presents.

It should be mentioned that I really enjoy getting gifts for people; not quite as much as I enjoy receiving them, but I absolutely love that moment when you think of something or see something, and that lightbulb goes off in your head: “This would be perfect for ___.”

I take great pride in my gift giving ability, and spend perhaps an inordinate amount of time picking out good presents for people. For my roommate who is extremely into Doctor Who, a disappearing TARDIS mug. For my friend Sarah who likes all things geeky, a Princess Leia print; For my friend Ali who has recently become obsessed with cooking, a chef’s knife and that elusive ice cream scooper she somehow has never had in her house. And so on and so forth. I had a hard time finding things for my mom and my sister, but eventually, I had those “aha” moments for them, too.

Of course, not everything was all well and good on the gift giving front. I hit a snag when shipping costs ran rather high and then the gift did not arrive in the time it was supposed to, and in fact still has not arrived. There was another problem in which I thought I’d gotten a terrific gift for somebody, and it turned out she didn’t want it — and I had to get her something else.

But it all came out well, because my Boston friends and I had our gift exchange last night. Everyone was pleased with what they got — especially me. My gift haul, so far, goes as such:

From my boss Ann: $100. That’s pretty awesome, considering I’m an unpaid intern. Think about that for a second, then think about how ecstatic I was when I realised I wouldn’t be losing quite as much money as I thought I’d be this holiday season.

From Zoë: Gourmet hazelnut hot chocolate. There are really no words to express how incredible this hot chocolate is — and you can still make it with water, which for me is always a huge plus!

From Sara: A mortar and pestle. It’s marble, it’s neat, and I crushed up nuts in it today because even though I didn’t need to, I really wanted to use it. It’s very pretty and I shall add it to my collection of amazing kitchen items I have in my apartment.

From Sarah: A tiny notebook that is only slightly larger than my tinyphone. Which is a feat in itself. It’s blank, has lovely paper, a butterfly print on the cover, and is held together by string. It’s very pretty; so much so, I’m afraid to randomly start writing in it without a purpose. It needs to be designated a purpose!

From Ali: Seasons two, three, and four of Dexter. You heard me. THREE SEASONS OF DEXTER. I don’t think I need to say anything more about that because I’ll get so excited that my grammar will deteriorate faster than a rotting corpse.

From Keri: It hasn’t yet arrived, and I forget which brand it actually is, but this one is so insanely neat that I can barely sit still and write about it.

My friends — mostly the people listed above — have made it a tradition to steal my phone. Perhaps it is because my phone is basically a novelty, as it’s five years old and a Samsung Juke. Look it up. It’s pretty crazy. Regardless of the reason, they take my phone and they hide it or change my contacts or both. This is alternately hilarious and frustrating depending on my mood, their timing, or how drunk we are.

Keri has provided a solution to all of this, because for Christmas, Keri is giving me a phone/key locator. Yes, that’s right. It’s the thing where you put something on your phone or your keys, you have a remote, and you can locate your shit. Never again will tinyphone be unfindable, whether it’s in the depths of my bed, on my floor, or in Sara’s pocket. Never again will I need to run out the door and forget where I put my keys. NEVER AGAIN.

I think you can tell that I am waiting with much anticipation for this gift to arrive.

So as of now, these are the gifts I have received. I’ve bought others that I’d love to write about here, but unfortunately, some people read this blog who have not yet received their presents, and I don’t wish to spoil the surprise.

In a few days I’ll post about my work life. For now, though, it’s back to cooking (without, sadly, the mortar & pestle … there’s just nothing to crush and my life is a dark abyss.)


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