044. Shameless Self Promotion.

As I’ve probably mentioned a couple of times here, I am the proud holder of two internships and one paying job. My first internship, with literary agent Ann Collette, is going spectacularly. Originally, I was supposed to stop working there in September. And then that moved back to December. And now I’m staying for another indeterminable stretch, which is totally fine with me. I’ve proven my editorial skills and have now been editing manuscripts — some good, some great, some utterly and undeniably heinous. It’s proving to be a point of pride and of enjoyment for me, and I’m currently working through one right now, developmentally editing a book that I really do quite like. 

My other internship’s also going well — so far, I’ve written four blogposts, which I’ve failed to crosspost here. I’ll link the most recent one here: it’s a list of the “best of the best” books of 2011. 

This is not your typical “best of” list — nothing about it has my opinion in it. Instead, I checked all the published “best of” lists I could find online — such as the ones from the New York Times, Publishers Weekly, and Barnes & Noble — and tallied all the books that made it onto multiple list. The results are documented in the above post, so if you really want to see which books (divided into fiction, nonfiction, and young adult) got the best response this year, check out the post!


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