046. The Requisite “Best of 2011” Post.

I, like probably ever blogger out there, feel a great need to usher in the new year with a list of my resolutions and my favourite things of the year. So this first blog post will be about my favourite music of the year — in a slightly different way than most people are doing it.

What follows will be a summary of my musical loves and obsessions over the past year. Instead of listing the best albums or singles that came out in 2011, I’m going to be writing down the songs I most listened to, the albums I was most obsessed with — whether they were from 1970, 2000, or this past year.

So, without further ado, here they are, listed in no particular order:

1. Immersion — Pendulum
2. We The Fallen — Psyclon Nine
3. The Dexter Soundtrack
4. Lungs — Florence & The Machine
5. The Social Network — Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross
6. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy — Kanye West
7. Hail to the Thief — Radiohead
8. In Silico — Pendulum
9. El Monstruo — The Vincent Black Shadow
10. How to Destroy Angels — How to Destroy Angels

1. Until Then — Benoit Pioulard & Rafael Anton Irisarri
2. Ghosts ‘N Stuff — Deadmau5 ft. Rob Swire
3. Propane Nightmares — Pendulum
4. Crush — Pendulum (here is the original version, not the radio cut)
5. Cold War — Janelle Monae
6. Alright (Ratatat Remix) — Memphis Bleek
7. Kill Everybody — Skrillex
8. Revival — Beats Antique
9. Girl with One Eye — Florence & The Machine
10. Some Kind of Nature — Gorillaz ft. Lou Reed
11. Save the World (Knife Party Remix) — Swedish House Mafia (the original, which is also awesome and nominated for a Grammy, is here)
12. We The Fallen — Psyclon Nine
13. Stripper — Soho Dolls
14. Precious — Depeche Mode
15. The Prayer — Bloc Party
16. Gorgeous — Kanye West ft. Kid Cudi & Raekwon
17. Unison — Knife Party
18. The Weight — Thrice
19. MANIAC — Kid Cudi ft. Cage & St. Vincent
20. Voodoo People — Pendulum

Additionally, not including rereads, this is a list of the ten best books I read this year — an honourable mention goes out to China Miéville’s The Scar, which I reread quite enthusiastically this year for approximately the fourth time.

1. Embassytown — China Miéville
2. Cold Comfort Farm — Stella Gibbons
3. Magic For Beginners — Kelly Link
4. Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell — Susanna Clarke
5.  The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie (and the other books in the series) — Alan Bradley
6.  The Book Thief — Markus Zusak
7.  Senseless — Stona Fitch
8. The Butcher Boy — Patrick McCabe
9. Invasion of the Bodysnatchers — Jack Finney
10.  Welcome to the Monkey House — Kurt Vonnegut

Resolutions & writing updates will occur in the near future!


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